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RXF promite meciuri de top care vor face deliciul publicului. Giani Kiriță, Iancu Sterp, Andi Constantin, Maria Hingu ,Feraru Feraru dar și câțiva dintre cei mai renumiți tiktokeri se vor lupta în cușcă asemenea unor gladiatori.



These Regulations define the general conditions, rules andmethod of providing television broadcasting services by DAMAH STREAMING &ENTERTAINMENT SRL situated Brasov, str. Carpatilor nr. 60, entered into theRegister of Entrepreneurs er under J08/1824/2021, FISCAL CODE: 44497972 REPRESENTED BY NEACSU IOANA.

Subscriber - a consumer who has concluded a serviceagreement with the Service Provider.Consumer - a natural person who concludes a legaltransaction which cannot be attributed to either his commercial or independentprofessional activities.Subscriber Account - an individual panel for each Subscriberincluded in the Application, launched by the Service Provider afterRegistration of the Subscriber.Broadcaster - a natural person, leagal person or commercialcompany that creates and compiles a program and distributes it or transfers itto other people for distribution.Regulations - these regulations of service.Registration - an activity laid down in the Regulations,necessary for the activation of the Services, which the Subscriber performsindependently.Distribution - broadcasting the program via wireless or wired means for reception by receipients.Website - website enabling access to Services provided by the Service provider, ensuring storage, processing, sending andreceiving data on a Telecommunications Terminal Equipment, not requiringinstallation, available via the Website.ICT System - a set of cooperating IT devices and software,ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data viatelecommunications networks using a Telecommunications Terminal Equipmentappropriate for a given type of network.Program - an organized set of programs, commercial or othermessages, distributed as a whole, in a manner enabling simultaneous receptionby the recipients in the arrangement set by the broadcaster.PPV - paid service of watching the Program distributed onlyvia ICT Systems.Telecommunications Terminal Equipment - a telecommunicationsdevice intended to be connected directly or indirectly to network terminals.Agreement - Agreement for the provision of Servicesconcluded with the Service Provider.Service - a service providing the possibility to receive theProgram distributed by the Service Provider only via ICT Systems.Service provider - DAMAH STREAMING & ENTERTAINMENT SRL situatedBrasov, str. Carpatilor nr. 60, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs erunder J08/1824/2021, FISCAL CODE: 44497972 REPRESENTED BY NEACSU IOANA.

 All rights to the Website, including proprietary copyrights,intellectual property rights to its name, Internet domain, as well as topatterns, forms and logos belong to the Service Provider, and they may be usedonly in the manner specified and in accordance with the Regulations afterobtaining the consent of the Service Provider.The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure thatthe use of the Website is possible for Subscribers using web browsers,operating systems, devices, Telecommunications Terminal Equipments,telecommunication networks, internet connections with the parameters described in
§5; Service Provider is not responsible for the failure to meet theparameters.The Service Provider uses the "cookies" mechanism,which are saved by the Service Provider's server on the hard drive of theSubscriber's Telecommunications Terminal Equipment when the Subscribers use theWebsite. The use of “cookies” is aimed at the correct operation of the Websiteon the Subscriber’s Telecommunications Terminal Equipment. This mechanism doesnot damage the Telecommunications Terminal Equipment and does not cause anyconfiguration changes in the Subscriber’s Telecommunications Terminal Equipmentor software. Each Subscriber can turn off the „cookies” mechanism in the webbrowser of the Telecommunications Terminal Equipment at any time. The ServiceProvider advises that it could cause difficulties or unable the correct use of thewebsite, which the Service Provider does not take responsibility for.In order to set up a Subscriber Account, it is necessary forthe Subscriber to have an active e-mail account and a permanent e-mail address.The Service Provider does not consent to the use of a temporary e-mail addressby the Subscriber for this purpose. The Service Provider reserves the right toverify the e-mail address provided by the Subscriber in the above-mentionedscope. If the Service Provider finds that the Subscriber uses a temporarye-mail address, the Service Provider may decide to immediately block theService purchased on such an Account due to a gross violation of the provisionsof these Regulations. The Subscriber is not entitled to request a refund of thefee previously paid for the Service, which has been blocked by the ServiceProvider for the reasons indicated above.It is forbidden for the Subscriber to provide illegalcontent and to use the Website or the Services provided by the Service Providerby the Subscriber in a manner that is against the law, decency, infringingpersonal rights of third parties or legitimate interests of the ServiceProvider. If the Service Provider finds the above-mentioned actions, it has theright to immediately block the Service purchased on such a Subscriber's Accountdue to a gross violation of the provisions of these Regulations. The Subscriberis not entitled to request a refund of the fee previously paid for the Service,which has been blocked by the Service Provider for the reasons indicated above.The Service Provider does not consent to the Subscriber'suse of the Services with the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) and otherprograms of similar operation. If the Service Provider finds that theabove-mentioned software is used by the Subscriber, the Service Provider maydecide to immediately block the Service purchased on such a Subscriber Accountdue to a gross violation of the rules of these Regulations. The User is notentitled to demand a refund of the previously paid fee for the Service, whichhas been blocked by the Service Provider for the reasons indicated above.The Service Provider declares that the use of the Servicesprovided via the ICT system may be associated with the risk of obtaining andmodifying Subscribers' data by unauthorized persons, therefore Subscribersshould use appropriate technical measures to minimize the above-mentionedrisks. In particular, use anti-virus programs and programs protecting theidentity of those using telecommunications networks.The Subscriber is entitled to use the resources of theWebsite only for personal use. It is not allowed to use the resources andfunctions of the Application and the platform in order to conduct business bythe Subscriber that would infringe the interest of the Service Provider, inparticular, if it is connected with gaining financial benefits.The Service Provider is not responsible for the course andcontent of the Distributed Program, including the lists of fights, theirsequence and the related selection of competitors, as well as any changes thatmay, in particular, result from force majeure and other factors beyond theService Provider's control.

In order to create a Subscriber Account, the Subscriber isobliged to register.In order to register, the Subscriber should complete theregistration form provided by the Service Provider on the Website in the"Login" tab, then "Registration" and send the completedregistration form electronically to the Service Provider by using theappropriate functionality on the Website.When completing the registration form, the Subscriber hasthe opportunity to read the full version of the Regulations valid on the day ofregistration, accepting its content by checking the appropriate field in theform.After submitting the completed registration form, theSubscriber shall immediately receive, to the e-mail address provided in theregistration form, the Registration confirmation by the Service Provider. Atthis moment, an agreement is concluded for the electronic provision of theSubscriber Account management service, and the Subscriber gains access to theSubscriber Account and services made available under the Subscriber Account.The Service Provider is not responsible for the malfunctionof the Subscriber's e-mail, which may prevent him from completing theregistration process.Upon registration, the Subscriber may consent to the sendingof electronic notifications, the so-called newsletter, which is not absolutely requiredin order to gain full access to the Website.

The use of the Service is possible using Internet connecteddevices with an actual bandwidth of minimum 10 Mbps.Technical requirements for desktop computers:Refraining from using other applications while playing theDigital Content;Operating System: Updated to the latest version of Windows10 or macOS 10;Minimum hardware requirements: processor min. 1.6GHz, RAMmemory min. 8GB.Browser: the latest version of Chrome / Safari / Edge(chromium). Trouble-free reception is also not guaranteed on browsers otherthan the previously mentioned.Minimum web browser parameters: cookies enabled, JavaScriptand Video HTML5 enabled.Technical requirements for mobile devices:Refraining from using other applications while playing theDigital Content;Operating system: Android 9+ or iOS 13+;Browser: the latest version of Chrome / Safari / Edge(chromium). Trouble-free reception is also not guaranteed on browsers otherthan the previously mentioned.Before confirming the purchase, the user will receive accessto the test materials in the manner specified in the purchase form.Currently, trouble-free reception on Smart TV devices is notguaranteed. If it is possible, before purchasing access, you should play thetest material on the target device.Due to the properties of the IT environment that isindependent of the Administrator, the use of the Service on Hardware Platformsmay be limited or impossible, and the quality of the reproduced materials maybe reduced - in the case of existence / activity within the above-mentioned thesoftware environment from third parties or from the User (in particular varioustypes of firewalls, anti-virus programs, blockers, including those preventingthe display of advertisements), its combinations or configurations that affectthe functionality provided or the proper technical operation of the Service onHardware Platforms. In the event of such a situation, it may be necessary, inparticular, to uninstall specific software from the IT environment used by theUser or to add a specific exception within it.The service is not available for operating systems runningon the same hardware and system platform using a virtual machine (eg VMwareWorkstation, Java Virtual Machine, Microsoft Virtual PC etc.);§6. DELIVERY OF THE CONTENT OF A TELEVISION PROGRAM.The information contained on the Website in the field ofcurrent and future services provided by the Service Provider constitutes anoffer to conclude a contract for the delivery of a TV program distributedexclusively through ICT Systems by the Service Provider to the Subscriber, viathe ICT network, which takes place after the payment required by the ServiceProvider was made by Subscriber.The Subscriber may accept the Service Provider's offer viathe Website 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, offered on the website, except forperiods in which service breaks are carried out and breakdowns are removed.The Subscriber accepts the Service Provider's offer for thedelivery of a TV program distributed only through ICT Systems by filling outthe order form available on the Website, then correctly making the paymentusing the method chosen and after correct authorization the Subscriber gainsaccess to the Services.The Service Provider then places the confirmation of theconclusion of the contract for the access to Services proveded by the Serviceprovider on the Subscriber's account.The Subscriber makes the payment by card or a bank transfervia the HotPay payment system, operated by ePłatności Sp. Z.o.o. Sp. k, via thePayU payment system operated by the PayU S.A. or via PayPal operated by PayPal(Europe) S.à l. & Cie, S.C., or via Stripe system operated by Stripe.The Service Provider informs the Subscriber via theApplication about the date on which he is obliged to make the payment in theamount resulting from the concluded contract.The subscriber makes a payment via the SMS Premium mechanismby sending a special SMS to the number 92505 with the text "PPV.RXF",the cost of which is RON 50 net.

The Subscriber can issue a complaint to the ServicesProvider referring to defective performance of the contract concluded with theService Provider.The Service Provider recommends to issue complaints within14 days from the termination of the digital content Service.The complaint may be submitted, i.a in electronic form afterlogging in to the Subscriber's Account and selecting the Service to which thecomplaint is to be related. The Subscriber should describe the problem. Forthis purpose, it is recommended to use the available complaint form.The Service Provider shall immediately but not later thanwithin 14 days, consider complaints and provide answers in the manner in whichthe Subscriber submitted the complaint.

The Subscriber has the right to withdraw from the Agreementfor the provision of Services within 14 days from the conclusion of theAgreement - in the case of paid content, provided that he has not started usingthe Service, which will be verified by the Service Provider each time. Thewithdrawal indicated in the preceding sentence should be made by sending adeclaration of will via the contact form.The period of time for withdrawal from the concludedAgreement begins from the date of the conclusion of this Agreement.In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, it will beconsidered as void.The Service Provider is obliged to return all payments madeby the Subscriber immediately, not later than within 14 days from the date ofreceiving the Subscriber's statement on withdrawal from the Agreement.The Service Provider reimburses the payment using the samemethod of payment that was used by the Subscriber or another, if the Subscribersubmits such a request.If the payment channel through which the Subscriber made thepayment for the Service does not offer the possibility of refund, the ServiceProvider will refund the fee paid in a different way indicated by the Subscriber.For this purpose, the Subscriber will provide full data necessary to refund thefee by the Service Provider.The Subscriber has the right to make an explicit request tostart the provision of Services before the expiry of the 14-day period for submittinga declaration of withdrawal from the Agreement.The right to withdraw from the contract is not entitled tothe Subscriber in relation to contracts for the delivery of the content of theProgram distributed only through ICT Systems, if the performance began with theexpressed consent of the Subscriber before the deadline to withdraw from thecontract and after informing the Service Provider about the loss of the rightto withdraw from Contract.

The content of these Regulations may be recorded byprinting, saving on a carrier or downloading at any time from the Website.Each Subscriber may use extrajudicial means of dealing withcomplaints and redress. In this regard, it is possible for the Subscriber touse mediation. Lists of permanent mediators and existing mediation centers aresubmitted and made available by the Presidents of the relevant District Courts.In the event of a dispute arising under the concludedAgreement, the parties will endeavor to resolve the matter amicably. The lawapplicable to the settlement of any disputes arising from these Regulations isPolish law.The Service Provider reserves the right to amend theseRegulations. All Agreements concluded before the date of entry into force ofthe new Regulations are implemented on the basis of the Regulations in force onthe date of conclusion of the Agreement. The amendment to the Regulations comesinto force upon its publication on the Website. The Service Provider shallinform the Subscriber 7 days before the entry into force of the new Regulationsabout the amendment to the Regulations by means of an e-mail message containinga link to the text of the amended Regulations. If the Subscriber does notaccept the new content of the Regulations, he is obliged to notify the ServiceProvider of this fact, which results in the termination of the contract inaccordance with the provisions of §8.The Regulations enter into force on September 15, 2021. PRIVACY POLICY / GDPRINFORMATION ABOUT THE ADMINISTRATOR AND THE PROCESSING OFPERSONAL DATA.The administrator of your personal data is DAMAH STREAMING& ENTERTAINMENT SRL situated Brasov, str. Carpatilor nr. 60, entered intothe Register of Entrepreneurs er under J08/1824/2021, FISCAL CODE: 44497972REPRESENTED BY NEACSU IOANA.The Administrator provides the services of making thePrograms available via Teleinformatic Systems, therefore he runs the Website atwww.RXF.RO, hereinafter referred to as the Website.Personal data under this Privacy Policy is all informationabout a natural person identified or identifiable by one or more specificfactors, including device IP, location data, internet identifier andinformation collected via cookies and other similar technology.Providing personal data in order to perform the contract forthe provision of services specified in the Regulations is voluntary, but it isalso a condition for concluding the contract. The consequence of not providingpersonal data will be the inability to conclude a contract and provideservices.The acronym GDPR should be understood as Regulation 2016/679of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on theprotection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and onthe free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC.Under this Privacy Policy, a subscriber is any naturalperson visiting the Website or otherwise using the services indicated in theRegulations.Those who register on the Website will be asked to providethe necessary data to create and service the account. In order to facilitateservice, the Subscriber may provide additional data, thus consenting to theirprocessing. Such data can be deleted at any time.The administrator with due diligence selects and appliesappropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal databeing processed. Only persons duly authorized by the Administrator have fullaccess to the database.The administrator protects personal data against disclosureto unauthorized persons, as well as against their processing in violation ofapplicable law.Personal data will not be processed in an automated manner.COOKIES POLICY.The website does not automatically collect any information,except for information contained in cookies.Cookies are IT data, in particular text files, which arestored on the Website Subscriber's Telecommunications Terminal Equipment andare intended for the use of the Website's pages. Cookies usually contain thename of the website they come from, the storage time on the TelecommunicationsTerminal Equipment and a unique number.The entity placing cookies on the Website Subscriber'sTelecommunicatons Terminal Equipment and accessing them is the Website operatorDAMAH STREAMING & ENTERTAINMENT SRL situated Brasov, str. Carpatilor nr. 60,entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs er under J08/1824/2021, FISCAL CODE:44497972 REPRESENTED BY NEACSU IOANA.Cookies are used for the following purposes:adapting the content of the Website pages to theSubscriber's preferences and optimizing the use of websites; in particular,these files allow to recognize the device of the Website Subscriber andproperly display the website, tailored to his individual needs;creating statistics that help understand how WebsiteSubscribers operate, which allows to improve their structure and content;maintaining the Website Subscriber's session (after loggingin), thanks to which the Subscriber does not have to re-enter the login andpassword on each subpage of the Website;The Website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookiesand persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored onthe Subscriber's Telecommunications Terminal Equipment until logging out,leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser)."Persistent" cookies are stored on the Subscriber's TelecommunicationsTermianl Equipment for the time specified in the cookie file parameters oruntil they are deleted by the Subscriber.The following types of „cookies” are used on the website:"necessary" cookies, enabling the use of servicesavailable on the Website, for example authentication cookies used for servicesthat require authentication on the Website;Safety cookies, for example used to detect fraud in thefield of authentication on the Website;"performance" cookies, enabling the collection ofinformation on the use of the website pages;"functional" cookies that enable"remembering" the settings selected by the Subscriber andpersonalizing the Subscriber's interface, for example in terms of the selectedlanguage or region from which the Subscriber comes, font size, websiteappearance, etc.;"advertising" cookies, enabling the delivery ofadvertising content more tailored to their interests to Subscribers.In many cases, the software used for browsing websites (webbrowser) allows cookies to be stored on the Subscriber's TelecommunicationsTerminal Equipment by default. Website Subscribers can change cookie settingsat any time. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as toblock the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or informabout their every posting on the Website Subscriber's device. Detailedinformation on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is availablein the software (web browser) settings.The website operator informs that restrictions on the use ofcookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the website.Cookies placed on the Website Subscriber'sTelecommunications Terminal Equipment ce may also be used by advertisers andpartners cooperating with the Website operator.Most browsers allow Subscribers to control cookies in theirpreferences. Subscribers should read the privacy protection policies of thesebrowsers to learn about their cookie policy. Limiting the possibility ofsetting cookies may impair the overall functionality of using website.CONTACT DETAILS OF THE ADMINISTRATOR.Contact with the administrator is possible via e-mail [email protected] or the following address: DAMAHSTREAMING & ENTERTAINMENT SRL situated Brasov, str. Carpatilor nr. 60,entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs er under J08/1824/2021, FISCAL CODE:44497972 REPRESENTED BY NEACSU IOANA. 


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